Poot Residence

In a small, affordable development in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, bluegrass musician, Patrick “Poot” Macfarland, pooled all of his resources to put down roots and build his dream – “a place in the famed Tetons”. The site was surrounded by huge buttes and mountains butt hemmed in a less-than-inspiring small lot suburban development. “Poot”, the mountain man and entertainer, was all for a modern interpretation of a rustic cabin. This meant turning the house upside down and putting the bedrooms on the ground floor with the garage, and unconventionally, the entertainment spaces on the upper floor. The kitchen becomes the center of all activities upstairs. The result is a space that has outstanding views to the grand vistas, and back to the host, diligently cooking duck in his kitchen. A large balcony sits on the garage with hot tub, grill and wood storage. The wood stove in the living room creates a place for band practice and near the gumbo stewing in the kitchen. The development had lots of funny rules about how long a wall could be without a corner and allowable materials. So working with the vernacular, we came up with a lichen clad 80-year-old snow fence that was installed on a rain screen for siding. Rusted metal was used for a large closet bump out and stained cedar for trellising and background siding, making this home a bit of a stand on its block. It turned out to be so appropriately situated for the mountain setting, it inspired some of its neighbors to step up their designs.

Patrick Macfarland